Since OSRZine.com is a new endeavor, technically this page isn't a true "Frequently Asked Questions", but I figured I could get close enough by answering questions I expect readers might have. Over time as I get more actual questions, I'll add them as appropriate.

Please do not hesitate to use the little email contact form on the right side of the pages to fire off any (appropriate) inquiries you might have. As much as I'd love to debate the carrying capacity of an European Swallow, I really need to stick to the expressed content of this blog......zines.

Q: Why did you create this blog in the 1st place?
A: I had an idea for a zine some time ago and while I did get pretty far along in the planning process, even going so far as to draft an outline for the 1st three issues, commission some art, and secure a domain. Actually I couldn't get what I wanted for a domain, but discovered that osrzine.com was free, so I nabbed it. I might still do the zine, but I already have a lot on my proverbial plate. Outside of the initial set-up running this blog should be manageable for me.

Q: Is this website expensive?
A: Not really. All I'm out is the cost of the domain and my time. Initially I figured using affiliate links for those zines available through DriveThruRPG would offset my meager expenses, but I eventually decided "It's only $10/year". There might be affiliate links on a couple of the earliest posts, but I've removed them from the Current and Discontinued Zine pages.

Q: I have a zine that I'd like to see featured on this site, how do I make that happen?
A: Well "featured" isn't really a thing here. The main page will get updated when new issues of zines appear, while current zines (publications, not individual issues) will be listed on one page and dead/old/discontinued zines will be listed similarly on another page. If your zine isn't listed it would be because I just don't have the pertinent information. Shoot me an email using the contact form.

Q: My zine is for <insert specific system here> and not really an OSR system, can I still have it listed here?
A: Sure thing. While I want the focus to be on OSR games, zines come in all shapes and sizes and it has been my experience that some great, useful content can come from unlikely sources. Your zine does have to relate to RPGs though. I could probably make some exceptions for related genres like historical wargaming, but general fan-fiction is right out.

Q: Will you review my zine?
A: Yes...and no. OSRZine.com won't have any reviews listed here. If you really want a review, you can send it to me and I can review it on my Frugal GM site.

Q: What information do you need to list my zine on your site?
A: I'd like to have an 8" square .png graphic at 72 dpi for any post (new issue) and for the main info listing (current or dead/discontinued zine pages). These can, and probably should, be different pics. Write whatever description you like 250 words or less for each appropriate section. I'm not going to run your text through a word-counter, and if-needed I can do some minor editing of both graphics and text, but if I need to do so that might delay getting the information posted.

Q: I don't like the entry you have for my zine in general or the new issue update.
A: Well that isn't really a question, but if you want something changed, just let me know. I did essentially seed these pages with content so there would be something to read while I waited impatiently for some press releases to roll in. Send me the content you'd rather see and I'll do what I can.

Q: My zine is rather "adult" in nature and I don't want to be censored, will you post what I send you verbatim?
A: Probably not. I don't care if you have an adult/mature themed zine. If you make what you send me for this site PG rated and communicate clearly the contents of the zine itself, we won't have issues. If I don't like you or your zine, you won't know about it from reading OSRZine.com and you'll probably never know it at all....


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