Sunday, August 26, 2018

2018.08.26 Black Pudding #5 is now Available!

2018.08.26 Black Pudding #5 is now Available!
It's always a great Sunday when a new Zine comes out!

Black Pudding #5 is now available as a PWYW download from DTRPG.

"Dripping and dolloping into view comes the latest issue of this old school RPG zine chock full of nasty goodies for your classic fantasy games!

In this issue you'll see ipzees and orbii, you'll learn aromatic charms, you'll find weapons of magic, many strange people will offer their services for your adventuring party, and you will absolutely encounter some cackling ice witches.

Monsters, treasure, adventures, spells, hirelings, character sheet... everything but dice is included in this tasty concoction of gelatinized madness."

Pick it up today!

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