Friday, September 22, 2017

2017.09.22 Dice Roll Zine #1 in Print!

2017.09.22 Dice Roll Zine #1 in Print!
A new OSR Zine, Dice Roll Zine, has their #1 issue available today!

Currently only available in print, Dice Roll Zine, is available directly from the writer on his blog (The Borderlands).

This is exactly the kind of zine this page was made to promote! 36 pages of OSR goodies for $9 (US & Canada) or $10.50 (everywhere else)...shipped!

The premiere issue includes a barbarian class for B/X games, a saving throw-based method for turning undead in B/X games, a trippy sci-fantasy adventure location called The Purple Mushroom Inn, a chaos mutation die drop table, a collection of random 'dungeon stuff' tables, and other optional rules for old-school games.

The PDF version is available on DTRPG and comes with a bunch of extras:along with the PDF you multiple cover options and all of the map files (.png format) for the issue: The Purple Mushroom Inn (2 maps), Peshar's Bandit Lair (1 map), and the first-level of the (unkeyed) megadungeon Treasure Vaults of Nargu Qa'Dash (4 maps).


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