Tuesday, December 12, 2017

2017.12.05 Back to BasiX #3 is now Available

2017.12.05 Back to BasiX #3 is now Available
Back to BasiX, issue 3 from Thom Wilson (ThrowiGames LLC) is out.

This issue is 12 pages long and contains:  "Product Spotlight, Spell Review, New Magic Items, New Monsters, Two Short Encounters, Full page comic "Dungeon Delvers" (artist, Travis Hanson), and interview with David "Zeb" Cook."

Issue #3 is available for $1.50 at DriveThruRPG.

Monday, December 11, 2017

2017.12.10 The Manor #9 is now Available

2017.12.10 The Manor #9 is now Available
The Manor Issue #9 is available for purchase (pdf) through DriveThruRPG or (print) from the Gothridge Manor Blog.

This issue is devoted to the author's sandbox campaign called The Komor Forest. Included are some cleric variations, some new monster details, a random encounter table, and a new tavern.

This Zine is 28 pages long.

Monday, December 4, 2017

2017.12.01 Black Dogs #1 is Available for Download

2017.12.01 Black Dogs #1 is Available for Download
"Black Dogs is a dark fantasy collection of house-rules, materials, adventures, monsters, and together a toolbox to generate new content for OSR systems, particularly focused on Lamentations of the Flame Princess. Black Dogs shares a common set of rules and aesthetics with Lamentations, but it has its distinct flavor. Whenever a rule is not found (or not presented yet) in the Black Dogs 'zine, just use the default from Lamentations or whatever OSR system you're running."

Get the 1st Issue of Black Dogs for free on DTRPG

Monday, November 20, 2017


Issue #2 of FANTASTIC, EXCITING, IMAGINATIVE is available from DTRPG.

Herein you will find well-over 70 new ideas for your game — all of it inspired by the art in the original book! New spells, new magic, new monsters and threats, new directions to explore, and plenty of twists on the classics.

Warm up your dice — Adventure is here!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

2017.10.10 RPGPundit Presents #2

Today marks the release of RPGPundit Presents #2

From the issue's homepage:
"Draw a protective magical circle and a warded magical triangle with a demon's sigil to summon it. Then hope that it does your bidding, rather than its own. This issue provides 72 demons and their benefits, along with the rules needed to summon them. Inspired by a real historical medieval grimoire, and intended for more medieval-authentic fantasy RPG play."

$2.99, available here.

Friday, September 22, 2017

2017.09.22 Dice Roll Zine #1 in Print!

2017.09.22 Dice Roll Zine #1 in Print!
A new OSR Zine, Dice Roll Zine, has their #1 issue available today!

Currently only available in print, Dice Roll Zine, is available directly from the writer on his blog (The Borderlands).

This is exactly the kind of zine this page was made to promote! 36 pages of OSR goodies for $9 (US & Canada) or $10.50 (everywhere else)...shipped!

The premiere issue includes a barbarian class for B/X games, a saving throw-based method for turning undead in B/X games, a trippy sci-fantasy adventure location called The Purple Mushroom Inn, a chaos mutation die drop table, a collection of random 'dungeon stuff' tables, and other optional rules for old-school games.

The PDF version is available on DTRPG and comes with a bunch of extras:along with the PDF you multiple cover options and all of the map files (.png format) for the issue: The Purple Mushroom Inn (2 maps), Peshar's Bandit Lair (1 map), and the first-level of the (unkeyed) megadungeon Treasure Vaults of Nargu Qa'Dash (4 maps).

Saturday, September 16, 2017

2017.07.18 Black Pudding #3 is Available for Download

2017.07.18 Black Pudding #3 is Available for Download
Black Pudding #3, from Random Order Creations (J.V. West), is now available as a Pay-What-You-Want title from your favorite One Book Shelf website.

Blorch! Here glorps issue #3 of Black Pudding, an OSR-styled zine of RPG goodies. Herein you'll find monsters and magic and mayhem and swords-for-hire. Herein are a handful of new character classes, such as the Shield Maiden and the Star Wizard, along with terrible creatures such as the ork wargtrainer and hag's husband. Matt Hildebrand brings us a doppelgangery adventure and we learn how to make a proper crypt golem. It's hand drawn, it's digital, and a little bit low brow.

For use with Labyrinth Lord, Swords & Wizardry, or any predecessor of similar DNA. And dice.

Did I mention there are character sheets?

To go to issue 3's download page, either click on this post's graphic or use this link.